Pro13S is a highly accurate separate wind speed sensor, it is also extremely robust, entirely in anodized aluminium, painted in black epoxy.

The sensor has a very low spawn rate, but can withstand wind gusts of up to 75 m/s, even at extremely low temperatures. He requires very little maintenance and stays years old. specifications for many years.

For install the sensor in accordance with the requirements of OMM, the assembly includes a mounting arm of mast 80 cm wide. The sensor is delivered with its own cable and connector. This allows the
individual replacement of the sensor in the event of maintenance.

Principe de mesure


Plage de mesure

Plage de mesure : 0 – 360°

Vitesse de démarrage

Vitesse de démarrage 0.4 m/s (1.44 Km/h)

Angle mort

Angle mort : 3° ± 1°

Environnement opérationnelle

-40°C / +75°C ; 0 / 100% Hr

Signal de sortie

0 … 2.5V DC


en acier inox, 32-50mm


Aluminium résistant à l’eau de mer


Pour la pole fixe diam. 40 mm


5PIN Étanche