TowaNet is a data logger communicating via GPRS. It is designed for irrigation monitoring through its digital inputs dedicated to soil probes, temperature and air humidity and flow meter.

TOWANET is a low power GPRS data logger that is mainly designed for agricultural irrigation monitoring. it has digital inputs for soil probe, temperature, relative humidity and pulse counter for watermeter. It uses a GPRS module to transfer the data to an Android phone running the Yobeen Smart application.Thanks to its hardware as well as the software, the power consumption is extremely low. The unit operates on an internal battery, which is charged by a solar panel.

TowaNet is encapsulated in an IP67 IP rating aluminum box that gives it reliability and long term life.

The package came with three essential parts.

– The TowaNet data logger.

– Solar panel unit.

– NIMH rechargeable battery.

Depending on the customer’s needs one or more of the following sensors can be connected to the TowaNet data logger :

– TowaSoil: soil moisture and temperature.

– Watermeter sensor.

– Temperature and relative humidity sensor.

– Leaf wetness sensor .

Digital Inputs for Ground Probe

12 Digital Inputs

Inputs for T ° and air relative humidity

2 Digital Inputs

Counting inputs

1, for flowmeter (or rain gauge)

Operating temperature

20 ° C. .. +65 ° -4 ° F. .. 149 ° F


4 Ports 5 Pin with IP67 Waterproof Protection

Intervalle de mesure

between 15 min, 30 min, 60min.

Intenal memory

32 Mbits, 500 000 values




15 days

Frequency range

850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz


Omni directionnal vertical TNC jack

Data transmission type


SIM Card

Micro SIM